August 14, 2010

Because You're Never Too Broke for Chinese Hookers

Last week, I bought generic Hamburger Helper to make dinner for baby Wyatt and me.

Hamburger Helper is a food-like product than normally costs around a dollar and a half, but I saved nearly fifty cents by denying the siren song of that creepy severed Mickey Mouse hand mascot. And while the generic version couldn't quite match the lofty prison-cafeteria standards of the real thing, tough economic times dictated I make the sacrifice.

Keep that sacrifice in mind as you watch this three-minute video from the Cato Institute blog:

Here's hoping that many more Congresscritters book trans-Alaskan flights, and soon.


  1. Why did the turtle cross the road? To stand up against government waste, that's why!!

    "Hell no, we won't gointhetunnel!"

  2. I don't even think Marion Ravenwood would think chinese hooker training in responsible drinking a peachy idea. Somehow, I think a drinking game was involved in the conception of this study.

    I might be on the right track. The grant was awarded to Wayne State University

  3. I would totally wreck that chick.