May 21, 2010

It'd Be a Real Shame if Something Were to Happen to One of Them...

So I've got a case coming up before the local judge. Everybody says I'm going to lose, and that I better prepare for the worst. But I'm not so sure. As I explained to a reporter yesterday about the judge in my case:

"He'll see - maybe he will see the light of day. Maybe he will have an incident and he'll change his mind over night - you know, going to and from work."

You know, an incident.

OK, so that wasn't me. Even if it was me, it wouldn't be credible, seeing as how the closest I get to the city's underbelly is that one bar where the bartenders are a little surly. But it's actually a little scary when it comes from the head of Chicago's Machine himself, Richard Daley, talking about the freaking U.S. Supreme Court.

Later in the press conference Daley got tired of insinuating, or at least hoping for, violence and "jokingly" threatened to shove a bayoneted rifle up a local reporter's butt and also to shoot him with it.

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  1. The nation as a whole is just beginning to learn about Chicago-style tyranny. This has been in effect since at least this Daley's father's administration. The level of corruption is insane. Now that we have a product of Chicago politics as POTUS, the corruption is becoming visible on the national scene. This promised "most open administration" in history has done almost everything it has done behind closed doors, using strong-arm tactics and bribes to push their agenda and get their way. The attempt to bribe Joe Sestak to get out of the Senate primary against Specter in PA is back in the news today, and if anybody in this Justice Dept. or congress cared one whit about the rule of law, Obama would be subject to impeachment. Speaking of the Justice Dept., and another executive agency (ICE), Justice refuses to prosecute Black Panthers witnessed and recorded intimidating voters in PA, and in contrast, may sue the state of AZ to block the recent state law that merely restates the federal law on illegal immigration (and that AG Holder admits he has not read), and ICE has stated that they will not process illegals referred to them by AZ (a blatant failure to perform one of their most basic functions.) All are examples of the total disregard for the rule of law demonstrated by this administration and learned well from Daley and the rest of the Chicago machine. Voters had better wake up to the danger posed as this administration uses such tactics to impose their European socialist agenda on America, destroying the very fundamental nature of American exceptionalism which was the product of the wisdom of our Founders who created the most perfect form of government in the history of the world. Unfortunately, at least 3 generations of Americans have allowed that form to be weakened and corrupted by allowing the philosophy of a "living Constitution" depending on the interpretation and personal philosophy of judges to prevail instead of the intended literal interpretation based on the words of the document and the obvious intent of the writers to dictate decisions.